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Investment in india

Offering Investment In India services for the benefit of foreign investors

The Firm is offering corporate legal services to its clients. Law Senate law firm being one of the leading corporate law firms of India it is providing corporate legal services for the benefit of foreign clients.


The Indian government has taken many steps to ease investing in India and which has increased foreign investment in India in a big way.

Many of the Foreign investors who are investing in India are investing in India to manufacture in a lesser cost, to enter into the largest market in the world, to make use of the less expensive educated youngsters, to have a manufacturing facility to cater the needs of Asia & Europe. Even as per World Investment Report 2015 released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), India’s rank as a top prospective host country for FDI also rose to third place from fourth place in an UNCTAD survey for the period 2015-17. Hence each and every foreign company is looking for an opportunity to invest in India and do business with India.