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Insolvency And Bankruptcy Services

Offering Insolvency and Bankruptcy Services for the benefit of Indian clients

The Firm is offering Insolvency and Bankruptcy Services to its clients. Law Senate law firm being one of the leading corporate law firms of India it is providing Insolvency and Bankruptcy Services for the benefit of Indian clients.


Insolvency and Bankruptcy Services

The Firm is offering services relating to Insolvency and Bankruptcy services for Corporate Creditors and debtors in New Delhi & Mumbai. The Firm has substantial experience in handling cases for and against Financial Creditors as well as operational creditors. India has finally brought in an effective Mechanism for initiating insolvency proceedings against the Financially defaulting Companies by way of The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code,2016. This Code provides that where a corporate debtor has defaulted in paying a debt that has become due and payable but not repaid, the corporate insolvency resolution process may be initiated in the manner as provided in this Chapter in respect of such corporate debtor by a financial creditor, an operational creditor or the corporate debtor itself. Early recognition of financial distress of a Company is very important for timely resolution of insolvency.