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S Ravi Shankar

Arbitration Lawyer (International & Domestic) Supreme Court Adv.

S Ravi Shankar

S. Ravi Shankar the Managing Partner of the Firm, is one of the leading arbitration lawyers of India having a strong International and Domestic exposure. He is an expert Arbitration lawyer handling International and Domestic arbitrations in the fields of Construction and Infrastructure, Investment and Joint venture, International and Domestic supply contracts, Service contracts, Oil and gas supply contracts etc., He is also a qualified Advocate on Record in the Supreme Court of India, with more than 21 years of Experience in the field of law. He is holding a Master’s degree in Business Administration along with a bachelor’s degree in Law. His expertise in Domestic and International arbitrations and related litigation is well known in the industry. Being a dispute resolution expert lawyer, he has strong experience in International and domestic commercial Arbitrations, Supreme Court Litigation, Foreign investment disputes, High value contracts, International litigation involving multiple jurisdictions etc.,. He has a strong International exposure and hence travelled to 41 countries across the world on various assignments. He is directly conducting International arbitration cases in Singapore International Arbitration Centre(SIAC), Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC), Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), Kuala-lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA), Arbitrations under ICC Rules, LCIA (India) etc.,



He is holding MBA degree from one of the top Business Schools of India, Thiagarajar School of Management. He did his LLB Degree in the famous Bangalore University. He also is holding a Degree in Science and Mathematics from Madurai University. He has done qualifying programmes from various universities UK and USA.


Area of Expertise:

Being an expert International and Domestic Dispute resolution lawyer with major focus on Commercial arbitration he has handled many complex arbitration and related litigation across involving multiple jurisdictions across the globe. He also has a strong experience in handling corporate matters, Foreign Direct investment, FDI matters, Civil cases, Arbitrations (International & Domestic), Export cases, contract cases, Writ Petitions, Arbitration Appeals, Mining law related cases in the Supreme Court of India and various High Courts of India.


India Arbitration Lawyer:

Being an expert in Arbitration related matters he has handled various High value Arbitrations in India. He has strong exposure to high value construction & infrastructure contract arbitrations, investment arbitrations, service delivery arbitrations, EPC contract related arbitrations etc., He has a strong experience in handling arbitration related litigation like appointment of arbitrators, injunctions, interim orders, reference to arbitration, challenging of arbitral awards, legal opinion and feasibility study on potential arbitration matters etc., in various courts of India. He has also appeared before Adhoc Arbitrators as well as Institutional Arbitrations including Delhi International Arbitration Centre, Indian Council of Arbitration, Indian Merchant Chambers, Nani Palkiwala Arbitration Centre, LCIA India etc., Since he has a strong litigation back ground with understanding of complex business transaction involving technology and business processes. He has a strong network all over India and hence appeared in various litigations seeking appointment of arbitrators, interim injunction cases, bank guarantee cases, applications seeking reference of cases to arbitration, challenging of the jurisdiction of arbitrators, challenging of arbitration awards, execution of arbitration awards, Appeals in Arbitration etc. He has strong expertise in handling India seated International arbitration matters.


International Arbitration Lawyer

He is one of the very few lawyers in India who handles International Arbitration cases effectively. He is having strong experience in handling arbitration cases having seats outside India as well as inside India. He is an authority on India seated international arbitrations. He has handled matters under SIAC (Singapore International Arbitration Centre) Rules, HKIAC (Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre) Rules, ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Rules, LCIA (London Court of International Arbitration), LCIA – India, KLRCA (Kuala lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration), Japan Commercial Arbitration Association, Swiss Chambers Arbitration Association etc., He also has handled High Value arbitration related litigation in various countries. His expertise includes Investment, joint venture, Infrastructure, International Exports, Construction, supply contracts etc., He also advice companies while finalising contracts involving multi jurisdictions and complex legal issues. He is invited to speak on various issues relating to International Arbitrations in various International conferences and work-shops. His exposure in the Supreme Court has given him the command over various disciplines of law hence he is regularly invited to speak in various domestic and international law events.


Foreign Direct Investment in India (FDI):

He is one of the few lawyers who has advised for foreign Companies for setting p their activities in India by starting Branch offices, Project offices, subsidiary companies and Joint ventures. His cases include automatic route as well as Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) route. Law senate has helped foreign companies from the stage of incorporation in India till the starting of production in India.  The Firm also has appeared before Reserve Bank of India and Company Law board for the purpose of FDI approvals. The Firm has drafted and vetted Joint venture contracts and MOUs in such investment matters.


Arbitration Related Legal Matters:

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