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Effective handling of Disputes between Indian & Chinese parties

Law Senate law firm organised a workshop on “Effective handling of Disputes between Indian & Chinese parties through International Arbitration” on 19th July 2016 in Hotel Radisson, Nanjing Road, Shanghai. Mr S Ravi Shankar, International arbitration lawyer and Senior Partner of Law Senate law firm was the speaker in the above said workshop. The workshop was held in the VIP Conference room of the above said hotel. The said workshop covered various topics including the Effect of India, Hong Kong and China recognising each other Mr S Ravi Shankar under New York Convention for recognition and enforcement of international arbitration awards, the impact of Arbitration and Conciliation ( Amendment) Act 2015, enforcement of arbitration awards in India  passed in Hong Kong or China seat, enforcement of international arbitration awards in India arising out of an arbitration seated in India Etc., Mr S Ravi Shankar also explained the importance of the new Indian arbitration law and the effect of it over the increased efficiency of arbitrations seated in India. The time lines prescribed by the amendment to complete all the arbitrations seated in India within a period of 12 months from the date of formation of the arbitral tribunal was appreciated by the Chinese lawyers who participated in the work shop.


Lawyers and Partners from leading law firms including W& H law firm, All-bright law offices, Holman fen wick Willian, Co-Effort Law firm, Zong Lun Law firm, BK Asia Pacific, King and Wood Mallesons law firm participated in the work shop. Due to increased commercial activities between India and China in the last five years and the potential future higher cross border activities have created a necessity for the international lawyers of China to understand the fundamentals of Indian contract law & arbitration. The Chinese lawyers who participated in the workshop appreciated Mr S Ravi Shankar and Law Senate law firm for organising such an important workshop in their city. Mr Shankar told that they are organising more such workshops all over the world. Mr S Ravi Shankar also made a presentation in the 2nd Shanghai  International Arbitration Summit  organised by Kluwer law on the topic of “Emergency arbitrators in International commercial arbitrations”