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06 Jul 2020
Looking at Arbitration as a method of resolving Competition Law
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There is a common belief that the arbitration law and competition law regimes stand diametrically opposite to each other with no point of intersection.

25 Jun 2020
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The Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996 (herein after ‘The Act’) with its advent has paved way for an effective alternate dispute resolution mechanism but reduces importance of certain the procedural and other substantive laws that forms the basis of settling disputes before the courts.

22 Jun 2020
Fundamentals of an India seated International arbitration
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Webinar PPT : Fundamentals of an India seated International arbitration

05 May 2020
An over view of FOSFA International Arbitrations
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Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations Limited (FOSFA) is an association of various companies, firms, traders & organizations who are into the business of certain commodities.

18 Apr 2020
Final Award or Partial Award
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An arbitral tribunal need not give only one award in an arbitration , depending on the requirements in each case , it can give multiple awards but the last one would be the final award. 

06 Apr 2020
Online arbitration process how it works
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Arbitration has become the most convenient and popular dispute resolution process for the resolution of commercial disputes.

30 Mar 2020
Supervisory Jurisdiction of Courts and Seat of Arbitration
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Arbitration agreement should be simple and covering all the essential factors to avoid intervention of courts.
27 Feb 2020
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The regular understanding of the words venue and seat in arbitration is that the venue does not have a juridical relevance, venue of arbitration can be changed as per the convenience of arties and the seat of arbitration determines various aspects of procedure including supervising courts, procedural law etc.,
27 Feb 2020
Supreme Court of India puts an end to one party appointed sole Arbitrator system
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Without having system to ensure impartiality and independence of Arbitrators, arbitration cannot gain confidence in the minds of the parties to the dispute.
30 Nov 2019
Mere wrong Application of Law No more a ground for challenging an Arbitration Award
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Arbitration is a private dispute resolution mechanism created by way of contract between the parties. But still to avoid any gross injustice, the mechanism provides for supervisory courts