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15 Dec 2018
Limitation to Challenge an arbitration award cannot be extended
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In a recent judgement (Simplex Infrastructure Limited Vs Union of India) dated 05.12.2018, Supreme Court of India dealt with the issue of condoning the delay in challenging an arbitration award under section 34 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and the possible application
20 Nov 2018
Failure to determine the Seat of Arbitration
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In a recent Judgment dated 25th September 2018, Supreme Court of India, in the matter of Union of India Vs Hardly Exploration and production (India) Inc reported as 2018 SCC Online 1640 allowed the petitioner to maintain an application seeking to challenge an arbitrator award under S.34 of the Arbitration and conciliation Act, 1996 even though award was passed in an arbitration held in Kulalumpur.
17 Nov 2018
Delivery of Arbitration awards and Limitation to Challenge
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India being a country of Adhoc arbitrations, the responsibility to manage the arbitrations also is on the arbitrators. The said Management of the case includes framing of arbitration procedure, arranging meetings, fixing deadlines, drafting of proceedings, dispatching of proceedings and dispatching of arbitration awards after the arbitration proceedings are completed. 

15 Nov 2018
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Arbitration is the private dispute resolution mechanism which is proved to be an effective alternate to the regular National Court dispute resolution through litigations in India. To become an arbitrator, there is no requirement of a legal or technical qualification. 

27 Sep 2018
Requirement for stamping of Foreign Arbitration Awards in India
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In a recent Judgment delivered on 13th September 2018 Supreme Court of India upheld the Judgment of High Court of Madras held that a foreign award which is not stamped is enforceable in India in Shriram EPC case.

25 Sep 2018
Arbitrators can be removed if they refuse to accept the Arbitrator Fees agreed by the parties in the Arbitration Agreement
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In a Judgment dated 20th July 2018, in the matter of National High Ways Authority Limited Vs Gammon Engineers and Contractors Pvt Limited, Delhi High Court held that the Arbitral tribunal is bound by the Arbitration agreement between the parties. 

25 Sep 2018
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Even though arbitration is a private mechanism for resolving commercial disputes, the supervising courts have powers to supervise the arbitration and even to set aside an arbitration award on the grounds provided in the procedural law of the country.

23 Aug 2018
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When one party is from China and the other party is from India, parties jointly choose Singapore as the seat of arbitration, excluding both China and India to have jurisdiction over the matter and Singapore becomes the neutral seat. It is important to note that the neutral seat also comes with the procedural law of that country

22 Aug 2018
Negotiating an International Arbitration Clause- Part-1
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Normally, parties do not realize the importance of negotiating dispute resolution clauses, while signing the contract since the commercial team which negotiates contracts would be focusing only on the commercial terms. But, the dispute resolution clause if not negotiated properly keeping in mind the requirements of a complete and enforceable dispute resolution clause, 

26 Jul 2018
Arbitration tribunal granting right to a non-participating party to match the lowest bidder in the tender process is violation of Public Policy – Supreme Court
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In a recent Judgment of Supreme Court of India, dated 13th July 2018 in a case between National High Ways Authority of India Vs Gwalior Jhansi Express Way Limited (2018 Online SC 688), the court set aside an Arbitrators order on the ground of “Fundamental Policy of Indian law” holding that the order passed under S.17 of the Act