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28 Feb 2018
An Award can be enforced in a Court where assets are Located and no Transfer Decree
Article )

The Supreme Court of India, in a recent Judgment dated 15th February 2018 in a case Sundraram Finance Limited Vs Abdul Samad & Another as reported in (2018) SCC Online SC121 settled the divergence of legal opinion of different High Courts on the question as to Whether an award under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act,1996 

24 Feb 2018
Excepted Matters and Powers of Arbitrators
Article )

Normally parties choose arbitration as the dispute resolution mechanism to resolve all their disputes arising out of or relating to a contract. In such a situation, arbitrator has unlimited scope to decide all the issues raised by the parties. 

21 Feb 2018
Conditions Precedents and Damages in Infrastructure Contracts
Article )

In most of the Build operate Transfer types of contracts (BOT), we normally see a chapter called conditions Precedent. These conditions precedents impose certain obligations on both the parties which are to be fulfilled or waived off for the starting of the project work by fixing the appointed date.

09 Feb 2018
Arbitration Clauses in Government Infrastructure Contracts
Article )

In our country, everyday there are many announcements about new launch of infrastructure projects on either BOT basis or Annuity basis or EPC basis etc., But most of them end up in arbitrations due to delay in completion or termination or escalation issues or violation of state support agreements etc.

27 Jan 2018
The Award passed on the point of Limitation is an interim Award
Article )

In a recent Judgment delivered on 23rd January 2018 in the matter of M/S. Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-operative Limited Vs M/S. Bhadra Products, Supreme Court of India dealt with an interesting issue 

27 Jan 2018
Advantage of an Indian Seat of International Arbitration
Article )

These days many foreign law firms have started recommending Foreign companies to agree on an arbitration clause proving India seated International Arbitration. Hence, the negative feeling about having an Arbitration in India is slowly changing.

18 Jan 2018
A mere reference of another Contract with an Arbitration clause is not sufficient to refer the matter to Arbitration
Article )

In a recent Judgment, High Court of Delhi in Shree Ganesh Metals Vs Glencore International AG (2017 SCC Online Del 11435) that a mere reference of another Contract with an Arbitration clause stating that the terms of that contract would apply, is not sufficient to conclude the existence of an arbitration clause in the contract entered late.

30 Dec 2017
Lawyers can issue notice under Insolvency Code
Article )

In a recent Judgment delivered on 15th December 2017 in a matter between Macquaire Bank Limited (Singapore) and Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd., reported as 2017 SCC Online SC 1493, Supreme Court of India reversed the Judgment of National Company Law appellate tribunal (NCLAT) and settled the law relating to the following issues arising out of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

18 Dec 2017
Singapore High Court alters the Arbitration Agreement
Article )

In normal circumstances courts, do not alter any contract because parties have the supremacy to decide the provisions of a contract, however fair or unfair it may be. But many a times interpretation of arbitration clauses have been a challenge to the courts.

13 Dec 2017
Plea not taken in the Arbitration cannot be raised in S.34 or in the SLP Supreme Court of India
Article )

Arbitration is kept beyond the technical complex procedures prescribed in the Code of Civil Procedure & Evidence Act. Arbitration Procedure can be either decided by the parties jointly or by the arbitrator in consultation with parties, in case of Adhoc Arbitration.